Industrial Laser Engraving: The Innovation of Laser Legends

As industries progress, they continually innovate their tools. One of the advancements in the industrial sector in recent decades has been the refinement and development of laser engraving technology. Enter Laser Legends, a trailblazer in the field of industrial laser engraving. This article will explore how Laser Legends has revolutionised engraving processes by providing precision, speed and customisation compared to hand and rotary engraving.

What is Industrial Laser Engraving?

industrial laser engraving - this is a test NT compliance plate

Industrial laser engraving involves using lasers to etch or mark objects. This technique offers a clean and straightforward alternative, unlike methods that rely on inks or tool bits that touch and wear out on the engraving surface.

Industrial laser engraving

Laser engraving uses a laser beam to modify an object’s surface. This process enables the creation of high-resolution images at speeds. It finds applications across sectors such as automotive, electronics, medical, promotional items and jewellery industries.

How Laser Legends Is Revolutionising the Industry

We have taken this technology further by establishing ourselves as leading pioneers in industrial laser engraving. Laser Legends provides a flexible platform that caters to the needs of modern industries.

here's a winch instruction panel we cut from 1.6mm abs and engraved to the dimensions supplied

Precision and Speed

Our engraving system is highly regarded for its precision and speed. It can engrave designs on a range of materials with remarkable accuracy, even at a microscopic level. This combination of precision and high-speed capabilities makes Laser Legends an excellent choice for applications that require quantities and qualities.

Versatility and Customisation

Our laser technology isn’t just fast, precise and versatile; it can engrave materials such as metals, plastics, ceramics and leather. This versatility and our ability to accommodate any design provided by customers, positions Laser Legends as the go-to solution for engraving needs.

Sustainability and Safety

At Laser Legends, we prioritise sustainability and safety within the sector. Our laser engraving systems operate without contact, minimising tool wear and tear while reducing waste. The non-contact nature of laser engraving also minimises the risk of damaging valuable items during the process.


Laser engraving is revolutionising industries, with Laser Legends leading this transformative movement. We are a great partner for all your industrial engraving requirements, prioritising accuracy, efficiency, adaptability, personalisation, sustainability and safety. We remain at the forefront of laser engraving technology advancements as industries progress, consistently exploring possibilities and pushing boundaries.