picture of a set of holes left after a set of carbon gaskets was cut
September 14, 2023 By Laser Legends Admin Off

Laser Cut Gaskets at Laser Legends: Precision Beyond Expectations

Gaskets play an unsung yet pivotal role in our everyday machines, ensuring that things function smoothly without leaks or disruptions. With technological advancement, laser cutting has emerged as a revolutionary technique for crafting these essential components. At Laser Legends, we’ve embraced this cutting-edge method to serve your needs and create laser cut gaskets on demand.

an example of 2 carbon laser cut gaskets we made for a local pump company that couldn't get one in australia

What are Laser Cut Gaskets?

At their core, laser-cut gaskets result from modern technology meeting traditional necessity. Unlike the conventional methods of punching or water jet cutting, laser cutting provides unparalleled precision. The result? Gaskets that perfectly fit their intended purpose every single time.

Advantages of a Laser Cut Gasket

  • Precision and Accuracy: Our state-of-the-art equipment can replicate intricate designs from gasket paper or more robust carbon gaskets.
  • Quick Turnaround Times: Located in Darwin, NT, we understand the challenges of supply and transport constraints. Send us the design, and we’ll cut it to exact dimensions, including the nuances like holes and crossovers. Need it urgently? We’re open seven days a week, ensuring you can get your gaskets over the weekend.
  • Material Savings: Bring in the material, provide us with the dimensions, and watch as we optimise and minimise wastage.
  • Flexibility: At Laser Legends, we’re always ready to adapt. If you have a material we haven’t encountered before, you must provide a test sample. This ensures we fine-tune our laser settings to achieve 100% accuracy for your requirements.

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