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From the heart of Darwin, NT, Laser Legends presents a radiant green, custom-engraved bone-shaped dog tag. Sized at a comfortable 37mm x 25mm, it’s not just an ID but a stylish accessory for your pet. Crafted for durability and precision, this tag embodies the vibrant spirit of Darwin. Let your pet wear a piece of our passion.

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Custom Engraved Bone Shape Dog Tag Green Stepping into the world of pet fashion and utility, Laser Legends proudly presents the Custom Engraved Bone Shape Dog Tag, a statement piece in a dazzling shade of green. Originating from the heart of Darwin, NT, this dog tag embodies both the spirit of our city and the dedication we pour into every engraving.

At a well-proportioned 37mm x 25mm, the tag doesn’t just serve as an identity for your pet, but also as a reflection of your aesthetic taste. Its vibrant green shade evokes the verdant surroundings of Darwin, ensuring your furry friend doesn’t just wear a tag, but an accessory. Whether roaming the bustling streets or frolicking in the park, your pet will be instantly recognisable, standing out with an air of sophistication.

Precision defines us at Laser Legends. The high-resolution engraving on this tag, be it your pet’s name, a contact number, or a loving message, is executed with unparalleled finesse. The sharp, clear characters, which are a hallmark of our work, promise to remain resilient against the tests of time and environment.

Moreover, beyond its striking appearance, the tag’s construction speaks of durability. Crafted with superior materials, it stands firm against the elements, from rain showers to those enthusiastic mud rolls your pet might indulge in. The accompanying sturdy ring ensures the tag remains securely fastened to any collar, emphasizing both function and form.

Yet, what truly sets this dog tag apart is its origin. Laser Legends is more than a business; it’s a community cornerstone in Darwin, NT. Every product we create is imbued with passion, care, and a touch of local spirit. When your pet wears this tag, they don’t just carry an identity; they carry a piece of Darwin’s heart.

Celebrate your pet’s unique personality and ensure their safety with this beautifully crafted dog tag from Laser Legends. Let them be not just a pet, but a legend.

Custom Engraved Bone Shape Dog Tag Green Features:

    • Dimensions: A compact yet visible size of 37mm x 25mm, this tag is designed to be noticeable without being bulky.
    • Vibrant Green Color: Selected for its attention-grabbing quality, this shade of green ensures your pet’s tag remains a standout accessory, whether they’re in the backyard or the park.
    • High-Resolution Laser Engraving: At Laser Legends, we use state-of-the-art laser engraving machines. This guarantees a clear, legible, and long-lasting custom engraving tailored to your specifications. Whether you want your pet’s name, your contact details, or a short message, the text will remain clear and fade-resistant for years to come.
    • Durable Material: Crafted from premium-grade materials, this dog tag is resistant to rust, wear, and tear. Rest assured your pet’s tag will withstand all their adventures and romps outdoors.
    • Easy Attachment: Our bone-shaped dog tag comes with a sturdy ring, ensuring easy attachment to any collar or harness. Once fixed, it stays put, giving you peace of mind.

    Why Choose Laser Legends?

    Rooted in Darwin, NT, Laser Legends is not just another engraving business; we are passionate craftsmen dedicated to bringing your visions to life. We understand the bond between a pet and its owner. That’s why we’ve crafted this unique bone-shaped dog tag – to celebrate that special relationship.

    Order your Custom Engraved Bone Shape Dog Tag today and let your furry friend wear a badge of legend!


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