Custom Engraved Bone Shape Dog Tag Light Blue


Emerging from Darwin’s esteemed Laser Legends, this delicate light blue bone-shaped dog tag, sized at 37mm x 25mm, encapsulates serenity and identity. Echoing Darwin’s tranquil skies and serene lagoons, the tag gracefully merges elegance with lasting durability, providing your pet a touch of the city’s calming aura and peaceful resonance. A serene emblem for beloved pets.

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Custom Engraved Bone Shape Dog Tag Light Blue From the serene expanses of Darwin, NT, where the vast azure skies mirror tranquil waters, Laser Legends introduces its latest creation: the Custom Engraved Bone Shape Dog Tag in a soothing shade of light blue. More than just a means of identification, this tag symbolizes peace, tranquility, and the gentle bond that flows between a pet and its human companion.

The soft light blue hue is a breath of fresh air, adding a calming touch to your pet’s appearance. Carefully measured at 37mm x 25mm, the tag elegantly broadcasts your pet’s individual identity. Its light blue color, akin to Darwin’s clear daytime skies and shallow lagoons, ensures that your furry family member adorns a piece resonating with tranquility and purity.

In the realm of Laser Legends, precision is paramount. Every single detail engraved on this ethereal piece, whether it’s your pet’s cherished name, an essential contact, or a heartfelt quote, is done with finesse and utmost clarity. With the use of cutting-edge engraving technologies, we guarantee that each marking stands resilient and clear through time and countless adventures.

However, the beauty of this tag isn’t solely in its enchanting hue. Crafted from top-tier materials, it pledges enduring strength. From sudden tropical showers to the blinding noonday sun, or even a joyful splash in a puddle, this tag maintains its pristine charm. Equipped with a sturdy attachment ring, it stands as a testament to both elegance and endurance.

Beyond its tangible qualities, this tag resonates with the spirit of its birthplace. Laser Legends isn’t just a brand; it’s an ode to Darwin’s harmonious blend of nature, culture, and community. Every crafted tag is a reflection of the city’s gentle rhythm and soulful aura.

Present to your pet the Light Blue Bone Shape Dog Tag from Laser Legends. It’s not just a decorative piece; it’s a whisper of Darwin’s serene landscapes and peaceful ambience.

Custom Engraved Bone Shape Dog Tag Light Blue Features:

    • Light Blue Finish: A timeless hue offering a touch of sophistication to your pet’s collar.
    • Optimal Size: Thoughtfully crafted at 37mm x 25mm, ensuring visibility without being obtrusive.
    • Precision Engraving: Clear, sharp, and resilient etchings to capture your pet’s name, contact details, or a personal message.
    • High-Quality Material: Constructed from premium-grade materials, ensuring resistance to wear, tear, and the elements.
    • Sturdy Attachment Ring: Designed for secure fastening, ensuring the tag stays put on any collar or leash.
    • Timeless Design: The bone shape combined with the silver finish makes it a classic accessory suitable for pets of all breeds and sizes.
    • Origin: Proudly crafted in Darwin, NT, infusing each tag with local spirit and dedication to craftsmanship.
    • Easy Maintenance: Simply wipe with a soft cloth to keep it shining like new.


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