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Emanating from Darwin, NT’s acclaimed Laser Legends, this enchanting pink, bone-shaped dog tag merges whimsy with function. At a discerning 37mm x 25mm, it’s not just an identity mark but a playful accessory for your cherished pet. Crafted with care and resonating with Darwin’s vibrant spirit, it’s a blend of style, sentiment, and steadfastness.

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Custom Engraved Bone Shape Dog Tag Pink In the scenic backdrop of Darwin, NT, where nature’s colors meld with urban charm, Laser Legends introduces the Custom Engraved Bone Shape Dog Tag in a captivating shade of pink. This isn’t merely a tag; it’s a testament to the vibrant hues of life, love, and loyalty.

The tender shade of pink adds a touch of whimsy and warmth, making it a delightful accessory for your treasured pet. Crafted meticulously to a dimension of 37mm x 25mm, this tag serves as a quaint yet unmistakable emblem of your pet’s identity. Its blush hue, reminiscent of Darwin’s splendid sunsets, ensures your furry friend is adorned with an accessory that’s both playful and poignant.

At Laser Legends, precision is our promise. Each engraving, whether it’s your pet’s playful moniker, a critical contact, or an endearing message, is rendered with immaculate detail and clarity. Our advanced engraving techniques stand as a pledge that each character will brave time, adventures, and memories without a blemish.

Yet, beauty in this tag isn’t just skin deep. Forged with premium materials, it’s a paragon of durability. Whether it’s a sudden shower, the harsh sun, or the fun-filled rolls in the garden, this tag remains unscathed and gleaming. Coupled with its robust attachment ring, it ensures that style and security go hand in hand.

But what truly makes this dog tag a gem is its lineage. At Laser Legends, we’re not just a business; we’re a testament to Darwin’s rich legacy of craftsmanship and community. Every product is a melody of passion and precision, echoing the spirit of the city and its inhabitants.

With the pink Bone Shape Dog Tag from Laser Legends, gift your pet not just an accessory, but a fragment of Darwin’s heart, painted in the tenderest shade of love.

Custom Engraved Bone Shape Dog Tag Pink Features:

    • Elegant Pink Finish: A timeless hue offering a touch of sophistication to your pet’s collar.
    • Optimal Size: Thoughtfully crafted at 37mm x 25mm, ensuring visibility without being obtrusive.
    • Precision Engraving: Clear, sharp, and resilient etchings to capture your pet’s name, contact details, or a personal message.
    • High-Quality Material: Constructed from premium-grade materials, ensuring resistance to wear, tear, and the elements.
    • Sturdy Attachment Ring: Designed for secure fastening, ensuring the tag stays put on any collar or leash.
    • Timeless Design: The bone shape combined with the silver finish makes it a classic accessory suitable for pets of all breeds and sizes.
    • Origin: Proudly crafted in Darwin, NT, infusing each tag with local spirit and dedication to craftsmanship.
    • Easy Maintenance: Simply wipe with a soft cloth to keep it shining like new.


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