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From Darwin, NT’s illustrious Laser Legends emerges the radiant red bone-shaped dog tag, sized at 37mm x 25mm. A symbol of ardor and identity, its vivid hue captures Darwin’s vibrant essence, offering your pet a fusion of style, strength, and the city’s fervent spirit. It’s not just a tag, but a heartfelt emblem of connection.

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Custom Engraved Bone Shape Dog Tag Red Amidst the kaleidoscope of colors that paint Darwin, NT, Laser Legends reveals its latest masterpiece: the Custom Engraved Bone Shape Dog Tag in an arresting shade of red. This tag extends beyond its role as an identifier; it’s a fiery declaration of ardor, vigor, and the enduring connection between a pet and its doting family.

The bold red hue pulsates with life, adding an undeniably passionate flair to your pet’s attire. Precisely tailored to 37mm x 25mm dimensions, the tag stands out as a radiant beacon of your pet’s unique identity. Its vivid red color, reminiscent of Darwin’s radiant flora and vibrant festivities, ensures that your beloved companion carries with them a piece that is as lively as it is significant.

At Laser Legends, exactitude is our ethos. Every engraving on this flaming gem, be it your pet’s name, a crucial contact detail, or a cherished motto, is executed with laser-focused clarity and finesse. Leveraging pioneering engraving methodologies, we vouch for the durability and sharpness of each inscribed detail, making them timeless symbols on this fiery backdrop.

Yet, the essence of this tag isn’t merely its brilliant shade. Constructed with top-tier materials, it promises steadfastness. Through rain showers, blazing sun, or spirited dashes in open fields, this tag remains as luminous and robust as ever. Accompanied by its durable attachment ring, it is the epitome of style meeting strength.

But what truly distinguishes this tag is its heritage. Laser Legends is not just an establishment; it’s a narrative of Darwin’s rich cultural tapestry, its fervor, and its community bonds. Each creation captures a fragment of the city’s vibrant heart and rhythmic pulse.

Gift your pet the Red Bone Shape Dog Tag from Laser Legends. It’s more than an accessory; it’s a passionate embrace of Darwin’s fervent spirit and warmth.

Custom Engraved Bone Shape Dog Tag Red Features:

    • Elegant Red Finish: A timeless hue offering a touch of sophistication to your pet’s collar.
    • Optimal Size: Thoughtfully crafted at 37mm x 25mm, ensuring visibility without being obtrusive.
    • Precision Engraving: Clear, sharp, and resilient etchings to capture your pet’s name, contact details, or a personal message.
    • High-Quality Material: Constructed from premium-grade materials, ensuring resistance to wear, tear, and the elements.
    • Sturdy Attachment Ring: Designed for secure fastening, ensuring the tag stays put on any collar or leash.
    • Timeless Design: The bone shape combined with the silver finish makes it a classic accessory suitable for pets of all breeds and sizes.
    • Origin: Proudly crafted in Darwin, NT, infusing each tag with local spirit and dedication to craftsmanship.
    • Easy Maintenance: Simply wipe with a soft cloth to keep it shining like new.


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