Custom LED Acrylic Sign

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Discover the custom-made magic of Laser Legends’ LED Acrylic Sign. This 15cm x 15cm sign brings personalised beauty to your space, featuring your choice of text and image laser-engraved on quality acrylic. Illuminate your design with the LED light’s steady or colour-changing modes, controlled conveniently with a provided remote. A USB power supply cord and lighted base complete this unique offering from Darwin’s local craftspeople.

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The Laser Legends Custom LED Acrylic Sign is a unique, fancy light-up sign that can make your room or office look amazing. We make these right here in Darwin. We use a state-of-the-art laser machine to carve out any picture or words you want on the sign.

The sign is square and about as big as a small notebook, so finding a place for it in your room or office is easy. You can tell us your design, and we will make it just for you!

One cool thing about this sign is how it lights up. It has a remote control so that you can change the light colours anytime. You can keep one colour or make the colours change independently.

With many colours to pick from, you can make the sign fit any mood or party theme. The sign also has a bright base, which makes the design shine even more. Plus, it comes with a USB cord, so you can plug it in and light it up quickly.

You’re not just getting a light when you get a Laser Legends LED sign. You’re getting a particular piece of art that shows off who you are. So, if you want a fancy light-up sign that tells your story, go with Laser Legends. It’s not just any sign – it’s a sign about you!

Custom LED Acrylic Sign Features:

  • Personalised Engraving: Custom engraving of your chosen text and image, creating a unique, personalized design.
  • Dimensions: The perfect size of 15cm x 15cm, striking the balance between visibility and subtlety.
  • Quality Acrylic Material: Constructed from high-quality acrylic that delivers optimal light transmission and durability.
  • LED Lighting: Equipped with vibrant LED lights to illuminate your custom design.
  • Multiple Lighting Modes: LED lights can be set to a steady colour or switched to a dynamic colour-changing mode.
  • Remote Control: User-friendly remote control for convenient adjustment of the LED lights.
  • Lighted Base: A lighted base that enhances the illumination and display of the engraved design.
  • USB Powered: Includes a USB power supply cord for ease of powering the sign.
  • Local Darwin, NT Business: Proudly engraved and cut by Laser Legends, a local business in Darwin, Northern Territory.
  • Great for Various Settings: Perfect for home, office, shops, or events, offering a distinctive touch to any environment.


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