Engraved Anodised Aluminum Business Cards Black Double Sided

Discover the power of lasting impressions with Laser Legends’ Black Anodised Aluminum Business Cards. Sized at 86 x 54mm with a sleek 0.2mm thickness, these cards are laser-engraved for precision and durability. Perfect for business promotion, equipment tags, or luggage tags, their professional gloss black finish adds a stylish edge, redefining brand interactions. Craft your unique legend today.


Engraved Anodised Aluminum Business Cards Black Double Sided Unveiling the epitome of sophistication and innovation: the Black Anodised Aluminum Business Cards exclusively from Laser Legends, Darwin, NT’s leading laser engraving maestros. Meticulously marrying avant-garde technology with unrivalled artisanship, we chisel your brand essence onto a sturdy canvas of aluminium.

Adhering to the industry standard dimensions of 86 x 54mm and flaunting a sleek 0.2mm thickness, these bespoke laser-etched cards are the embodiment of professionalism and grandeur. Each masterpiece is meticulously sculpted and graced with an anodised veneer, bestowing it with unmatched resilience against wear and a perpetual, pristine gleam.

Your brand’s unique narrative deserves a canvas that goes beyond just names and numbers. Our cutting-edge laser engraving ensures every nuance of your narrative is etched with surgical precision onto the anodised aluminium. Witness the dance of intricate patterns, crisp typography, and mesmerising contrasts against the lustrous black backdrop, each element resplendent in its clarity.

But these cards’ prowess isn’t confined to mere networking. Their robust build morphs them into versatile equipment tags, streamlining asset management. They also metamorphose into chic luggage tags, adding an unmistakable identity to your travels.

Laser Legends is not in the business of merely crafting cards. We sculpt indelible memories. With our Black Anodised Aluminum Business Cards, you disseminate not mere data but a tangible testament to your brand’s ethos, excellence, and elegance. Immerse yourself in a symphony of innovation and class encapsulated in our laser-engraved aluminium cards.

Transform every handshake into an unforgettable imprint. Emerge legendary with Laser Legends. Secure your metallic insignia of excellence today!

Engraved Anodised Aluminum Business Cards Black Features:

  • Standard Size and Sleek Thickness: Our cards are 86 x 54mm in size and have a sleek thickness of 0.2mm, offering a perfect balance between sturdiness and elegance.
  • Durable Anodised Aluminium: The cards are crafted from high-quality aluminium and anodised for a robust, scratch-resistant surface that maintains its pristine look over time.
  • Custom Laser Engraving: With our advanced laser engraving technique, we etch your chosen details with extreme precision into the card surface, ensuring every detail is legible and looks stunning.
  • Versatile Applications: These cards can also serve as equipment tags and luggage tags, offering a stylish and robust solution for organising resources or identifying belongings.
  • Gloss Black Finish: Each card is adorned with a Gloss black finish, providing a professional look that’s ideal for contrasting with the laser-engraved details.
  • Intricate Designs Possible: Our laser engraving technique enables intricate designs, allowing you to showcase your brand in the most unique and memorable way possible.
  • Quality and Style: The anodised aluminium business cards epitomise the quality, commitment, and style of your brand, making every interaction count.
  • Long-Lasting Impressions: Unlike paper business cards, these aluminium cards won’t easily wear out or get lost, ensuring your business leaves a lasting impression.


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