Gold Magnetic Name Badge Engraved Large

Laser Legends’ Gold Magnetic Name Badge Engraved Large is a statement of luxury and identity. Sized at 36mm x 70mm, this high-quality, lightweight, and durable badge features a striking gold base with contrasting black laser-engraved writing. Personalise with any text for a unique touch. Its strong magnetic fastening makes it perfect for any professional setting without damaging your attire.

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Gold Magnetic Name Badge Engraved Large from Laser Legends, the premier laser engraving business nestled in the tropical city of Darwin, NT. As masters of precision and detail, Laser Legends is proud to offer you an opportunity to stand out in the crowd with a truly unique identity tag.

The Gold Magnetic Name Badge measures 36mm x 70mm, offering ample space to showcase your name, title, or message. It features an impressive gold base, promising a luxurious and high-quality appearance that elevates your professional image. The gold base is beautifully contrasted with black engraving, creating an elegant aesthetic that guarantees to turn heads in any setting.

Our cutting-edge laser technology etches your chosen text with extraordinary precision, resulting in an incredibly clear, easy-to-read, and durable result. We are dedicated to delivering unmatched craftsmanship, whether it’s for personal use or corporate uniformity. This is not just a name badge—it’s a statement about who you are and the quality you represent.

This badge is as practical as it is eye-catching. It is both lightweight and durable, designed for everyday use in any working environment. It will look as stunning at the end of a long day as it did at the beginning. The badge is affixed using a strong magnetic fastening system that ensures secure positioning without causing damage to your clothing.

At Laser Legends, we believe in offering you complete control over your design. So, you have the freedom to engrave anything you want on your name badge. It’s your badge, your story. We just help you tell it with a flair.

Let the Gold Magnetic Name Badge Engraved Large from Laser Legends be your definitive identity statement. Trust us to bring your vision to life with accuracy, quality, and an undeniable touch of class. Join the ranks of the legends today.

Gold Magnetic Name Badge Engraved Large Features:

  • Personalised Engraving: Craft your identity or message in a distinctive manner with our precision laser engraving.
  • Stylish Design: An elegant gold base with contrasting black writing offers a luxurious and high-quality appearance.
  • Large Size: The 36mm x 70mm size offers ample space for your name, title, or custom text.
  • Lightweight & Durable: The badge is designed to withstand daily wear and tear while maintaining its attractive appearance.
  • Magnetic Fastening: Equipped with a robust magnetic fastening system for secure positioning that won’t damage your clothing.
  • Quality Materials: Made from high-quality materials for a superior look and extended durability.
  • Precision Laser Technology: Utilising cutting-edge technology to deliver clear, legible, and lasting engraving.
  • Versatile Use: Perfect for personal use or to enhance corporate uniformity, suitable for any working environment.
  • Complete Customisation: Freedom to engrave anything you want, giving you control over your design and story.
  • Professional Presentation: Enhance your professional image with a badge that signals quality and attention to detail.


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