About Us

If you’ve been looking for a laser engraving service, welcome to Laser Legends, located in the heart of Darwin. We have truly mastered the art and science of laser engraving, bringing an approach to design, Precision and a genuine passion for craftsmanship to every project we take on. We aim to cater to various laser engraving needs, ensuring we can tackle any challenges.

Expanding Horizons; Discovering the World of Laser Legends

People often picture mugs and engraved gifts when they think about laser engraving. However, our expertise goes beyond that. With our cutting-edge equipment, we can engrave the details on items such as Yetis and create intricate industrial signs and tags on a large scale. This extensive range of capabilities ensures that Laser Legends is fully ready to meet and beat your expectations regardless of the size or nature of your project.

Our Range of Services

  • Customised laser engraving
  • Laser Engraved and Cut Led Signs
  • Engraved gifts with a touch
  • Professional laser etching services
  • Tailored laser engraved signage for your needs
  • Industrial-grade laser engraving capabilities
  • Wood engraving services using laser technology
  • Metal Etching services
  • Glass etching and precision engraving
  • Laser-cut acrylic signs made to perfection.
  • Precision Cut Gaskets

One of our standout offerings is the precise cutting of 10mm acrylic signs. With attention to detail and a keen eye for aesthetics, our skilled team ensures flawless cuts every time. Each design is sharp, and every product that leaves our workshop shows our commitment to excellence.

Payment Options

  • Card / Phone / Instore
  • Cash
  • Direct Debit – Account Name: ADURA Pty Ltd
    ACCOUNT NUMBER: 485982654
    BSB: 085933

Why Choose Laser Legends?

We also understand that businesses and individuals have requirements, often needing assistance or services beyond regular business hours. That’s why we are open on Saturdays (Excluding Public holidays). Our dedication to meeting your needs ensures that we’re always here when you require us, whether for a last-minute gift or a scale commercial project.

Looking for ” laser engraving service near me “?

In this era, we recognise the significance of being easily accessible online. If you’ve stumbled upon us while searching for “laser engraving service near me “, rest assured you’re not alone. Our strong online presence and dedication to excellence make us popular with those in and around Darwin who require top-notch engraving services on weekends.

What sets us apart is our commitment to craftsmanship. We take pride in our professionalism, uncompromising emphasis on quality and unwavering dedication to our valued customers. Every item we engrave or cut at Laser Legends is not just a product; it’s a testament to the legends we are creating. Regardless of the size or scope of the project, we treat each one with attention and care, ensuring that our clients always receive the best.

Laser Legends offers more than an engraving service; it provides an experience that seamlessly combines modern technology with traditional artistry. So whether you’re a business needing signage or an individual seeking a gift, we welcome you to become part of our ever-growing family of satisfied customers.

Join us as we create moments together.